Optical SETI: The All-Sky Survey

At a glance:

A high-intensity pulsed laser, teamed with a moderate sized telescope, forms an efficient interstellar beacon. Using only "Earth 1998" technology, we could build such a laser transmitter. To a distant observer in the direction of its slender beam, it would appear (during its brief pulse) a thousand times brighter than our sun.

Beginning 19Oct98 we have been searching for such intense laser pulses, transmitted deliberately in our direction by another civilization in order to initiate communication across interstellar distances. This began with the Targeted OSETI search.

With the advent of efficient, pixelated photomultiplier tubes, it has become feasible to expand this targeted search into a panoramic All-Sky survey. With this goal in mind, the construction of a new OSETI observatory to house a 72" optical telescope began 28Dec00.

Watch it Grow!

  1. Beginnings
  2. The "Dome" Goes Up!
  3. Walls, Roof, Action!
  4. First Phase Complete
  5. The Lawn, The Roof, ...
  6. The Telescope (in Arkansas)
  7. The Telescope Arrives!!
  8. Working on the 'Scope
  9. Still Working on the 'Scope
  10. Progress on the 'Scope
  11. Big Brother Moves In
  12. Remote Control

We're ONLINE!!

  1. Let the Search Begin!
  2. Birth, and First Observations
  3. 50% Coverage of Northern Sky
  4. Radiotelescope RIP; Search Upgrade!
  5. Rain or Shine -- NOT!
  6. Washing the Mirror! New Computer!!

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