Late Night (= Early Morning)

Here's a montage of the final phases of camera construction, and the
finished product making its way out of the womb (Lyman Laboratory of
Physics) and arriving at the observatory.  Zigzag from upper left:
Software & firmware debugging at 3AM (Jason, Andrew, Steve, and Curtis);
Hardware assembly (Curtis and Paul); Birth (Andrew and Pratheev);
Arrival at the observatory (Joe, Curtis, Andrew, and Al).

First Night

First complete night of observations!  Steve, Curtis, and Jason appear
to be frozen in tableau; they're actually frozen to enable photography
in the dim red-LED illumination of the control room, handsomely balanced
by the eerie bluish glow of five computer screens.

Web-enabled Control and Data Analysis

The software gurus (Steve, Jason, and Andrew) developed an elegant web
interface, that lets you (if you know the secret handshake) control the
whole observatory, and view data (both realtime and archived).  Here's
a downsampled screenshot showing a few of the many panes you can activate
from the menu at left: ShulskyBox power control; roof and telescope
control; webcams; and some archived data (here, a test flash; it goes
down, because electrons are negative).

Sky Coverage - First Three Nights

We had a nice run of clear nights, in late April 2006, and began the
all-sky search in earnest.  This sky map, in astronomers' units (RA
and Dec, which translates to east-west and north-south), shows the
coverage.  In round numbers, we searched 200 times as many stars, and
1000 times as much sky area, as the entire 6-year targeted search
program, at approximately the same sensitivity.  We didn't find anything.

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