A Portrait of the Telescope - I

Saturday, 16 Feb 02 -- the 'scope is happily in its new home, and Ray and
his gang are headed back to the land of warm weather.  Here's a shot from
the roof of the control room, from which you can see clearly the optics of
the telescope; seen also are (left to right) David's legs, Mike, Alan, Joe's
stomach, Aaron, Ray, Chip, and Chris.  Click on the image for a really BIG

A Portrait of the Telescope - II

And here's the view from just outside the dome, taken from the bed of Mike's
truck.  The roof is fully north, as it will be for most observations.  The
usual cast of characters includes Ray, Alan, Chip, Aaron (up high), Mike,
David, and Chris.  This one is clickable, also, for a BIG blowup.

Attaching the Mylar-Window Frame

The telescope is going to be wrapped with a nylon-mylar blanket, and fitted
with a transparent Mylar window; that way we can keep the inside dry and
clean.  Here you can see David and Alan attaching the frame to hold the
window.  Jason is barely visible, to the right of the secondary.

The Drive System

Here's the stepping-motor drive, attached to the telescope yoke, loaded up
against the 48"-diameter drive arc.  There's plenty of friction to hold and
drive the well-balanced telescope; you can see the electrical-release brake
at the left of the assembly, and the edge of the primary mirror further to
the left.

House of Mirrors -- II

Jason gets his chance at fame in this unusual shot, taken looking back into
the primary.

How to Burn Down the House

This thing is a wicked solar furnace!!  Here you see just a sliver of sunlight
being focused onto the south roof gable.  The building structure is roughly
in the plane of focus, and we have to ensure that the telescope is shuttered
when the roof is retracted during daylight hours.

Wooden Secondary?!

Here's an unusual shot, taken on a springlike March 9, showing the wooden
secondary!  (Just kidding....reflection of inside walls, ladder, and window are
filling the secondary.)

New Drive System - I

The laser-cut stainless drive ring is pretty, but it was not supported with
enough rigidity for our taste.  Here Alan is grinding off the remains of the
welded steel supports, in preparation for a massive aluminum replacement.
Jason (or is it David?) is using the vacuum to inhale the sparks and stuff.

New Drive System - II

And here you can see the 1/2-inch aluminum plate, bolted through to the telescope
structure, on which are firmly mounted a dozen 2" aluminum slotted hex posts,
each with a pair of setscrews clamping the drive arc.  That's Paul, wondering
what to do next.

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