Some unpublished (unpublishable?) papers by PH:


  1. Fifty Years of Miniaturization (jpeg)
  2. Negative Calories (pdf) (ca. 1975)
  3. Super-Tough Diving Quiz (gif) (ca. 1976)
  4. Talk at 40th Anniversary of Frank Drake's OZMA Search: "Frank at Harvard" (pdf) (spring 2000)
  5. On the Possibility of Ice Skating (gif) (1967) --
  6. Page 1 (gif) Page 2 (gif) Purcell's Annotation (gif)
  7. IBMs Through the Ages (jpeg)
  8. Talk at 30th Anniversary of OZMA and Cocconi/Morrison (pdf)
  9. A Morning with Phil Morrison (pdf - 1.5MB)
  10. Notes on the "Fermi Paradox"
  11. Voiceprints from Dallas police recordings

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