The Publication

Precision Shooting is "a magazine for Shooters by Shooters"; there's one
on the cover, looking grim, as he grimly receives a bowl or something, from
another grim guy.  What IS this Shooter stuff, anyway?! 

Big Varmint Shooter

Here's a small picture from page 14 of the Oct 1964 issue; the "young Summit
NJ shooter" is me, 30-something years ago, toting el-biggo gun.  It says I
won the "100-yard Varmint Rifle aggregate", whatever that is...

What's a VARMINT Rifle, Anyway????

Well, it's something whose barrel you don't want to be looking down,
particularly if a stern hombre like this is at the other end!

I Won, I Won!!!

Here's the terse report of my minor triumph, that Labor Day lo those
many years ago.  To the unwashed (hmmm, that describes also most of
the attendees), the scores are the size of the hole, in thousandths
of an inch, that 5 shots have gone through, at a range of 100 yards.
(you get to subtract the diameter of the bullet, so this is a measure
of how crummy your shooting is).  Actually, a quarter of an inch ain't
half bad...

The Right Stuff

When you think about it, a quarter of an inch is impossible -- for
reference, a .22 bullet drops about 8" at 100 yards!  The trick here is
to use uniform powder loads and hand-cast bullets, and to go to pretty
high velocity cartridges.  The 222 Remington exits the Moby-barrel at
about 3,140 feet per second, roughly triple the speed of a humble .22.
Here's the techno-nerd report, verbatim: