HWC's New Antenna!

Puttin' It Together

Here's Matt (KC1XX) bolting the pieces of the M-squared Log Periodic
together, on the roof of the Linden Street station.  It's HUGE!

"One Hell of a Rigger"

That's what Fred Hopengarten (K1VR) calls Andrew Toth, shown here
happily bolting the thing together.

Taking It Up The Roof

Matt and Andrew are seen carrying the Thing up the roof, in preparation
for its aerial tramway trip to the tower.

Down With The Old...

Here's the sad old Cushcraft on the tramway, headed for the graveyard.
Note the half-hearted rear element!  In this shot you can see the 40m
2-element beam clearly now, with the log out of the way.

...and Up With The New

Up, up, and away...

Log In Place

The new antenna has just been hauled to its place on the mast.  Plenty
of work to do, but the photographer had to run (literally) in order to
reach his class only 10 minutes late.

Group Portrait

Here's what the final job looks like, with various W1AF members timidly
hanging onto the mast.  From left to right: George, Dave, Paul (faculty
advisor), Clayton (station manager), and Jason.