Output Spectra

The spectra in the left-hand column are the unfiltered output of the synthesizer.   For the plots in the right-hand column, a Minicircuits SLP-50 connectored low-pass filter was hung on the channel output.  Harmonic distortion introduced by the amplifier is noticeable above about 20 MHz.  The addition of the filter reduces the largest harmonics to under -50 dBc at 35 MHz.  At 22.5 MHz, the harmonic is below the 50 MHz filter cutoff, so it remains at -40 dBc, unaffected by the filter.


10 MHz output (no filter) 10 MHz output (filtered)
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22.5 MHz output (no filter) 22.5 MHz output (filtered)
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35 MHz output (no filter) 35 MHz output (filtered)
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