Applying Panel Labels

  1. Download the appropriate label postscript or Adobe Illustrator file
  2. Mirror the image, and print onto a sheet of double matte film (e.g. Charette ProPrint Film 9203).  Mirroring the label is significant because the print will be on the underside of the label and thus better protected.  Cut the label roughly to size, but leave some extra material for later removal.
  3. Place the label face up (writing appears normal) onto the sticky side of a piece of "Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive".  This sheeting uses a pressure-activated adhesive, allowing limited repositioning of the label before it is set into place.
  4. Flip the adhesive coated item over and place it face down onto the sheet of release paper included with the mounting adhesive.  Use the included plastic squeegee to apply firm pressure to the back of the adhesive coated carrier sheet.  Make sure to squeegee thoroughly the entire sheet.
  5. Cut the adhesive coated item to the correct size.
  6. Slowly peel the carrier sheet off of the label.  The adhesive that was formerly located on the carrier sheet should remain behind on the label to be mounted.
  7. Clean the panel with alcohol.
  8. Apply the label to the panel.  Use the plastic squeegee or a hard plastic roller to activate the adhesive.
  9. Cut away the label around holes in the panel.