Diplopia Project - Photo Archive

Sensational press photo from behind the testing unit,
showing the variable prism lens unit in action. Also
visible are the computer screen and the head immobilization
frame. Beyond is the 9 point LED target grid with a
single LED illuminated.


Profile view, showing the subject engaged in a test.
Details of the prism unit are visible here, including
opposing planoconvex/planoconcave lenses, custom lens
mount, forked yoke, translation stage, and the top of
the stepper motor.


A somewhat bemused subject gazes at the target,
conscious of being watched. From this side of the lens
unit, more of the pivoting yoke is visible, as well as
the flexible coupler between stage and motor. PC whirs
idly in the background.


Three quarters from behind shot showing a wider swath of
the setup. In the foreground is the 30V power supply for
the stepper motor driver (not shown), and to the right is
the hardware interface for the target.


A standard screen shot of the control program. Data
values for the current target point are visible at bottom of
the screen.


Overall setup without subject.