Recent (and not-so-recent) Weddings

Instructions (some slight variations among weddings):

1. You can see the pictures at three sizes: thumbnails (there may be several pages of them), medium-size photos, and large pictures.

2. When you click on a link below, you'll see the thumbnails; clicking on the first (or any other one) will bring up the medium-size shots, which should take a few seconds at dialup speeds, and be instantaneous if you have a high speed connection. If there are several pages of thumbnails, you can jump to a different page, and start there.

3. If you click on the right side of a mid-size shot (or use the right arrow key or button on the screen), you'll get to the next midsize shot; clicking on the left side of a picture (or left arrow or screen button) takes you back one shot. Up screen-button takes you back to thumbnails. Clicking on the bottom of a midsize picture downloads the full-resolution image, which will take a while on a dialup connection, but will not be too bad on a fast connection. Click on the top to get back to midsize.

The whole thing is pretty intuitive, and less complicated than this explanation suggests.

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(this page last modified 11 Sept 2017)