Vida and Paul's Trip to Patagonia - Page 2

The Explora folks make it easy to be a brave
hiker -- they prepare and serve a nice lunch,
on a tablecloth! Here we are, enjoying our
first of several such lunches: Smoked salmon
sandwiches, fruit, cookies, hot tea...


Vida went home for a hot bath, but Paul bravely
(and unwisely) did a second short hike the first
day, to a place called Lago Gray. You can see the
Gray glacier at the far end of the lake, more than
five miles away at the center of the picture.
Icebergs break off and float down, driven by the
infernal winds, and beach themselves at this end.
They are as large as houses.


Our next hike was to Lake Sarmiento, with its
peculiar carbonate formations (similar to Mono Lake).
Here we're on our way down; you can see the crusty
formations around the lake's edge.


Here's the characteristic Patagonian Andes, rising
above the crusty carbonate formations at the lake's
edge. It's a beautiful place.


This gives a better idea of the feeling of the
place, with its glistening clear water and intense
sunbaked topography.


The view from Lake Sarmiento looking back up at
the mountains.