Vida and Paul's Trip to Patagonia - Page 1

On January 14 we took off for the Patagonian Andes! Vida had read
about that southern region of South America in Bruce Chatwin's book,
and the space between semesters seemed like a great time to go,
especially because this is summer in the southern hemisphere.

Here's a travelogue ----

Here's our first photo from Patagonia -- a
nice portrait of the port engine, with a
glacier slithering along below.


Two more hours of flying, and six of riding
on bumpy roads, brought us to the elegant
Explora Hotel, where we put down our bags,
and saw this from our bedroom! Definitely
a room with a view.


The hotel was alive with activity -- mostly
folks drinking "Pisco Sours" (roughly, a Chilean
Margarita), bragging about their heroic hikes,
and choosing the next day's activities. The sun
didn't set until about 10 PM, after which we were
treated to this spectacular red sunset display.


The dining room has the same spectacular view
of the Paine massif as the guest rooms; here's
Vida enjoying breakfast on our first morning at
the hotel.


Our first hike! We're ascending to an alpine
meadow and lake area, a ten mile hike (with too
many ups and downs!). These hikers seem confident
at the beginning of a long day.


Our first taste of the incredible Patgonian
summer winds -- enough to whip up an impressive
spray; we found ourselves blown off the trail a
few times.